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Suggestions for Parents


It is important to encourage your child to have a good breakfast and get plenty of sleep. Preschool is a good time for starting good habits.

Let the teacher know if there are any changes in your child’s life.

Praise your child and display his/her work.

Talk to your child about his/her school day.

Bring and pick up on time each day. PLEASE!

There are children who will cry upon being left, especially at the beginning of the school year. This is perfectly normal for children in a new situation.

 Reassure your child that you will return, then leave. Call us later if you are still concerned.

Please do not allow your child to bring the following to school: toy guns or weapons, balloons, hard candy, pacifiers or blankets they expect to hold.

Please impress upon your child the importance of school in their lives by encouraging good attendance during their preschool years. Each preschool day is full of experiences.

As parents, we should always set a good example for all the children. With this in mind, please refrain from smoking at all preschool events. Thank you for your courtesy.