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Your child’s preschool day will include a variety of activities: an art activity, a playtime, a work time, snack time and circle time. The Program includes:

Bible Stories, prayers and religious songs
Alphabet introduction including phonics
Numbers, counting and manipulative activities
Color and shape recognition
Art activities including painting, coloring, drawing, cutting, etc
Physical activities inside and outside
Science and nature awareness
Stories – Read and told
Socialization Skills
Health, good habits and taking care of our bodies
Handwriting (4-Year Old Class)
Self-help skills
Readiness skills


Individual and class group pictures will be made in Spring and Fall.  


The Preschool will be providing healthy snacks along with water each day. Please note that we are a peanut butter free school.  
We love for parents to provide snacks for our children.    Be sure and send enough for your child’s class or more. We are asking that you choose nutritious snacks. Suggestions: pretzels, rice cakes, saltine crackers, cheese nips, Chex mix, Goldfish crackers, yogurt, animal cookies, cereals low in sugar, cheese, raisins, carrots and fruits (especially apples, oranges, bananas and grapes).


We are asking you to provide snack, drink and paper products on your child’s birthday or a day very close to it. Please check your monthly calendar for your child’s assigned day. All summer birthdays will be celebrated during the school year.  You may send the snack or you are welcome to come and help serve it. Your child will certainly enjoy his/her special day.