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Field Trips


Field trips are an asset to our program’s curriculum, but your tuition does not cover field trip expenses. There will be occasions when our families will be responsible for field trip costs. This will include not only the expenses for your preschooler, but also the expenses for any adult who chooses to accompany the preschool on the field trip. Families need to realize the importance of paying for any extra persons attending a preschool field trip. Negligence to pay doesn’t affect the organization we are patronizing, but this shortage in payment is covered by the Preschool’s finances.

Chaperones will be needed on certain trips and your assistance will be helpful.   

Please have your child wear his/her Mount Zion Preschool Purple T-shirt on field trip days. The Mount Zion Preschool children’s T-shirts will cost $10.00 each. 


For some field trips, we will have families and children meet us there.  For others, we will ride in the church vans.  On our vans, your child must be in a car safety seat that is a five point harness seat, forward facing, and is restrained with a lap belt only. North Carolina State Law requires that all children who are under age 8 and less than 80 pounds ride in a properly used car safety seat.

*Please write your child’s name visibly on their car seat.

*If using church vans, please place and attach your child’s car safety seat securely into a Mt. Zion Church Van. Please secure your child’s car safety seat according to your owner’s manual.