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Greenlawn Cemetery - China Grove, NC

It is owned by 4 different groups. Over half of the cemetery is owned by 3 churches. The other part is the Greenlawn Private Cemetery and is not associated in any way with the 3 churches. A driveway going between the railroad and Highway 29-A divides the 3 church‘s 5 sections of Greenlawn.

General information is in 8 ½ x 11 PDF format. Burial information is in 8 ½ x 14 PDF format but death dates will be printed if printing on 8 ½ x 11 paper. WHO, WHERE [location from Section Lot Map], WHEN [birth and death date; if no death date grave is Endowed] and an overview is provided.

Information covers October 1798 through February 2022. If a name is not listed in the combined alphabetical listing of the 3 churches; the person will be in the Greenlawn Private Cemetery part of Greenlawn Cemetery [if a record exist in GREENLAWN]. We do not have any information on the Private Cemetery. 

The 1938 WPA Survey of tombstones contains an alphabetical listing of names on the tombstones for the 3 churches and the Private Cemetery. is the address for the WPA’s Rowan County Cemetery Survey Records. Greenlawn and 2 different Old WPA records are included here.

The 1937 and 1942 WPA survey names that were not in the 1980 tombstone book have been added to the OLD alphabetical listing.