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A strong, firm Foundation


Mount Zion traces it's roots to Savitz's Church which first met for worship in 1755 here in southern Rowan County. The first crude log structure was later replaced with a log building, painted red. Tradition has it that an overly emotional person, wanting to rid the church of evil spirits symbolized by the red structure, set fire to this building, destroying it. Shortly after the fire, a more suitable building was erected through a joint venture of Lutheran and Reformed members. This building was used jointly until 1836 when the Lutheran members moved a few hundred yards away and constructed their own building. The Reformed members continued to use the building until 1844 when they purchased a four-acre tract of land and constructed a more modern brick building that served them until 1876. In that year this building was demolished to make room for a larger facility. As this building got underway, hard times set in, delaying the completion of this project. The congregation had been given an 85 acre tract of land in 1846 to be used for a parsonage. This land had to be sacrificed to meet the obligations of the new building. Members and friends joined in to hand-make the bricks, and the new building was made ready for occupancy by 1881, when Dr. Paul Barringer became the pastor.

In 1918, the church was destroyed by fire. However, the fire breathed new life into the congregation and a new structure was built while World War I was in progress. The 1918 church, along with the "Hut," constructed in 1940, and the Educational Building, finished in 1957, allowed Mount Zion to offer better educational and outreach opportunities. It paved the way for the recent growth in outreach under Pastor Campbell that focused on youth workcamps, mission trips to Honduras and Guatemala, and hurricane and flood recovery. In recent years, we have grown in service to our community working with new DCC congregations in South Dakota, building Habitat houses and volunteering at Main Street Mission. In our 250th anniversary booklet, published in 2005, we listed 60 outreach ministries that reach out to our community and the world.

Over the years, Mount Zion has sponsored other congregations. Each time Mount Zion has reached out in bold ways by launching new congregations, or constructing a new facility, God has blessed our church with a spiritual resurgence. We have every belief that God intends to do that once again now.